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Sun drying some of my shiitake

Added a new section to my website, Recipes. So many folks get stuck in the "sautéed mushrooms with steak" rut. There are so many ways to add that special mushroom umami to dishes. I will post my favorites, tried by my family. Making mushrooms part of the regular rotation can be even easier if you stick to a couple of strategies...

Roasting ahead of time-- see my garlicky roasted shiitake recipe on the site. I make up a batch and then they can stay in my fridge for quite a while. Actually, I am not sure how long because they get used up! I can throw them into omelettes, on pizza etc...

Using dried--now I have to admit I just dry for myself. There is this outdated NYS ag law that requires you dry mushrooms in a certified kitchen if you choose to sell them and I just don't have enough at one time to rent kitchen space. But dried mushrooms are a traditional way to keep mushrooms on hand. Reconstitute with cold water, yes! if you want to retain that great flavor do low and slow. use a ziploc bag, pour cold water over your dried shiitake, enough to completely cover. Seal and stick in fridge for 5 to 24 hrs. Pull them out and use as is (remove the stem first) or give them a little squeeze. Save the liquid either way. You might want to strain any particles out, but it makes a great stock!

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