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'Tis the season

Almost here! the next season of shiitake mushrooms at High Peaks Shiitake is about ready to take off. I have to remind folks that my operation is completely

outdoors and weather dependent. Temperatures over night need to be in the 50's, and if you haven't noticed this year, this hasn't been the case.

Besides temperature, the shiitake need a wake up call. Like most living organisms, they produce offspring when conditions are good. The mushroom, that we eat, is the fruiting body of the larger organism running throughout the log. So, I soak the logs for 24 hours to make the mushroom think that conditions are good for making spores...usually 2-5 days later I am harvesting the spore making machine, your shiitake mushroom.

Right now, I have a batch of 20 logs I just soaked and hopefully...

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1 Comment

Jun 12, 2023

Let the mushroom growing season begin!

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