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I don't like mushrooms...

Hungarian Mushroom Soup with shiitake that were dry sauted first

You know what? Neither did I, really! Raw button mushrooms, yuck. No taste. Sort of like weird texture. I liked them cooked well enough, after all, who doesn't like anything cooked in butter and garlic?

Fresh Flavor

But then I tried a fresh, log grown shiitake and I was hooked. Such a lovely earthy, sort of nutty flavor with a meaty texture. Really, don't let anyone tell you that the ones in the supermarket taste the same! So, give it a try!

Preparation Is Key

But then I cooked some. Yikes! They were worse than button mushrooms, they seemed to turn into slippery little eels. not a very appetizing for me. But then I did some more research and I found dry sauteing and roasting

  • Dry pan, throw in sliced mushrooms, sprinkle with some salt. Salt draws out the moisture. Saute until most of the moisture has evaporated. Then add them to your recipe. I like this texture much better.

  • Roasting...see my recipe! This prep trick keeps the usable for a long time in the fridge; ready to throw into any recipe

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Andrew Seymour
Andrew Seymour
Jun 27, 2023

I gotta try this. Never knew you coul dry sauté!


Jun 27, 2023

That looks delicious . Can you post your secret recipe for the soup?

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